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Boy Battling Cancer Wants Birthday Cards


Hello my beautiful followers,

I know you guys have a few extra mintues to kill, so why not do something to bring a little boy’s wish come true? In this article, you will read about a 5-year-old Danny, who got diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor :( And as you can imagine, he gets lonely from time to time. So, he is turning 6 this Friday, July 25. And when asked what he wants for his birthday he said he just wants birthday cards! (It makes him so happy when he sees his name on cards and packages). He loves Legos and Super Mario, so maybe an idea for a card theme. 

You can send his card(s) to the following adress: 

Danny Nickerson, P.O. Box 212, Foxboro, MA, 02035. 

So, please help put a smile on this little boy’s face (:

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Anonymous: do you know the password to perfectbucketlist tumblr com

No I don’t - sorry.

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send stuff in guys

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